Black Forest Cake

Recipe created by Chef Elango

Recipe Ingredients

Ingredient Weight
What you need:
Pillsbury™ Celebration Chocolate Sponge 1000 g
Egg 10 nos
Oil 50 g
Water 240 g
Gel 10 g
Black Forest 600 g
Pillsbury™ Celebration Chocolate Sponge 180 g
Sugar Syrup 120 ml
Pillsbury™ Ivory Cream 180 g
Rich Dark Cherry 70 g
Chocolate Flakes 50 g


  1. Whip Ivory Pillsbury Cream until firm peaks
  2. Cut chocolate sponge in equal layers
  3. Soak sugar syrup in each layer of sponge
  4. Apply whipping cream between sponge layers & sprinkle rich dark cherry
  5. Finish cake with remaining ivory whipping cream
  6. Cover entire cake with frozen grated chocolate