Tiger print cake

Recipe created by Chef Naheed

Exotic yet a fun cake for a wild birthday or a bachelorette, maybe?

Recipe Ingredients

Ingredient Weight
Pillsbury™ Egg Free Tea Time Vanilla Cake Mix 1000 g
Water 400 g
Oil or Melted Butter 200 g
Black and Yellow Oil based Food colour
Topping ingredients:
Pillsbury™ Ivory whip topping 500 g
Liquid food colour, black and yellow.


  1. Add water, oil/melted butter and egg free tea time vanilla cake mix in a mixing bowl.
  2. Mix at slow speed for one minute with flat blade.
  3. Scrap the sides of the bowl.
  4. Mix more 2 minutes at slow speed.
  5. Divide the cake batter in three parts.
  6. One kg Yellow, 400gm black and 200gm white.
  7. Arrange the batter as shown in the picture.
  8. Bake on 160°C. Baking time 30 minutes. Kindly check with the toothpick.
  9. After baking, let the cake cool down and slice it horizontally into 2 pieces.
  1. Add 400gm Pillsbury Ivory whip topping and mix at slow speed for 2 minutes with whisk.
  2. Mix more 3.5 minutes at higher speed.
  3. Divide the Pillsbury Ivory whip topping in to three parts.
  4. Take 400gm whipped cream and mix in Yellow color, take 75gm whipped cream and add black color keep rest white.
  5. Assemble as directed in the pictures.


  1. You can also use black and yellow powdered food colour. Ensure you mix it in half a tablespoon of water before mixing it in the batter.