Pistachio Delight Tea Cake

Recipe created by Chef Praveen Balakrishnan

A rich and premium addition to your collection on signature recipes!

Recipe Ingredients

Ingredient Weight
Pillsbury™ Egg free tea time vanilla premix 500 g
Water 225 g
Oil 60 g
Blended pista 100 g
Pista Center Filling:
White chocolate 150 g
Fresh cream 150 g
Chopped Pista 80 g
Pista Coating:
White chocolate 100 g
Oil 20 g
Drops of green colour


  1. In a mixing bowl add premix, water, and oil. Using a flat blade, mix at Speed 1 for 1 min. Don’t forget to scrape the sides when done.
  2. Mix again at Speed 2 for another 4 mins before adding the blended pista and then mixing it in by hand.
  3. Bake at 170° for 35 minutes
Pista Center Filling:
  1. Add the chopped pista into the cream and in a mixer.
  2. Pour the mixture into a pan and heat it.
  3. Remove from the heat just before it comes to a boil and then add it to the chocolate. Mix well until it emulsifies.
  1. Once the cake cools down, make a long hole in the centre and to fill in the yummy pista filling.
  2. Melt the white chocolate, add some oil and green food colouring, and coat the cake with the mixture for the finishing touches!