Elaichi Premium Cake Rusk

Recipe created by Chef Roland

What better way to spend the monsoon weekend than with a hot cup of chai and Chef Roland’s Elaichi Premium Cake Rusk⁠

Recipe Ingredients

Ingredient Weight
Pillsbury™ Baker Delight Vanilla 1kg
Water 550g⁠
Oil 100g⁠
Milk Powder 30g⁠ (optional)
Cardamom powder 3g


  1. In a mixing bowl, add premix, water, oil, milk powder and cardamom powder.⁠
  2. Using a balloon whisk, whisk on slow speed for 1 min.⁠
  3. Whisk on high speed for 5 min.
  4. Add oil and mix on slow for 2 min.⁠
  5. Pour batter in trays⁠
  6. Bake at 170*C for 35-40 min.⁠
  7. Allow the cake to cool overnight.⁠
  8. Demould and cut the cake in slices.⁠
  9. Arrange the slices on a tray and bake at 110-120*C for 20 min on one side and 15 min on the other side.⁠ Enjoy!⁠


  1. If using a rotary oven for Second baking, no need to turn the rusks over.⁠
  2. Chopped cashews, pistachio flakes, tuty fruity can be other varieties that can be added to the rusk.