Aamras Chocolate Cupcakes

Recipe created by Chef Khushi Jain

Recipe Ingredients

Ingredient Weight
For the Base
Pillsbury™ Egg free Chocolate Premix 250 g
Water 125 g
Oil 30 g
For the Chocolate Truffle
Dark Compound 200 g
Fresh Cream 100 g
For Mango Ras
Milk 100 ml
Kesar Mango 1 nos


  1. In muffin underliers, make the base by mixing the ingredients
  2. In another bowl, microwave dark compound chocolate and fresh cream in span of 30 seconds in 3 rounds
  3. Now keep this ganache aside for 3 hours till its set
  4. Grind kesar mango and milk together
  5. Strain it
  6. Now assemble it all together
  7. Your muffins are ready to served