Aam Panna Tart

Recipe created by Chef Khushi Jain

Recipe Ingredients

Ingredient Weight
For Aam Panna Paste
Kachi Keri Boiled 1
Salt 1 Pinch
Black Salt 1 Pinch
Sugar ¼ th Cup
Pillsbury™ Whipped Cream 100 g
For 6 Tart Shells
Butter 100 g
Sugar 1/4th Cup
Refined Flour 1 Cup
Mix all of the above together and with the help tart shell mould bake at 180 degree for 9 mins


  1. In the tart shells, mix whipped cream and aam panna paste
  2. Now make beautiful swirls using Noor N1 nozzle
  3. Garnish with aam panna syrup and mint leaves