Red & pink covered cupcake with Love decorations on top

Valentine’s Day is almost here

The season of unabashed love and too much baking!

Here are some lovely tips for you to be at the top of your game this season of love in the language of LOVE.

heart shaped cookie in hands and heart shaped cookies in the background

be Loud:

Don’t underestimate the power of heart-shaped anything during this week. Go berserk with heart-shaped cookies, heart cupcakes, heart cakes, heart-shaped balloons and also heart-shaped tags for all your orders.

Go ahead and get those ribbons and tassels and love decor to do up your store. Also, rent a chocolate fountain, maybe?

two chefs kneding dough

be Organised:

When orders flow in, it can get crazy. Get an additional 2-3 person team to help you through the coming week to ensure a smooth flow of work and orders.

Maintain a different roster for Valentine’s that includes your accounts as well as feedback from customers. See what worked for you last year and try and replicate or change it according to the feedback received.

If you have a new bakery or store, it would be good to organise all your menu items and products in a way that people can glance through everything in one go.

lavender coloured heart shaped lace-inspired cookies

be Very creative:

Hearts are fine but do they need to be red? Usually, red and white seem to be the valentine colours. But, let’s try out the Very Peri. Why? It is the Pantone colour of the year. Lavendar and white theme could also be fresh and bright this year.

Some more creative tips for you:

A whole frosted, decorated cake with flowers

Use real flowers

Cupcakes with colorful frosting

Play with different colours of icing

Heart-shaped cookie cutter

Get those flower-shaped and heart-shaped cutlery out!

"Thank you" written on a sticky note

Get customers to write their love on sticky notes on a wall/section.

A chef positioning cupcakes for a photo

Create some Instagram reels while baking your special desserts.

A person taking a photo of a dessert on a mobile phone

be Engaging:

Your online and offline presence needs to speak to your customers. So if that means a chocolate fountain in your bakery or a super fun Valentine contest on your Instagram, so be it.

Transport your audiences to some wonderful love themed world with beautiful pictures and videos of desserts and your store.

Do an additional photoshoot just for your beloved and new dessert creations.

When can we overdo love like this, if not now? Happy Loving and Happy Baking to you and Happy Binging to all your customers!