Bowl of berries and cut mango

‘Stay Cool’ Recipes for your Summer Menu!

Summer baking can be as challenging as the weather. There is always a need for every baker to innovative with their menus.

In this blog, you will find few unique recipes that can definitely make your menu ‘cool’, for the summer. As a professional baker would say, with summer comes great baking responsibility. Let’s roll!

Mango Mahalabia in small dishes

Mango Mahalabia

Mangoes rule our dessert menus in the summer and rule our minds every other season! This unique and rich Mango recipe is something you can never let GO!

View Mango Mahalabia Recipe

A slice of coconut cake on a plate

Coconut Cake

A delicious and summer addition to your already amazing menu! If we could, we’d add coconut to everything! Let’s go coconuts now, shall we?

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Oreo cake on a plate

Oreo Brownie

Oreo truly has a different following. Now, merge that following with Brownie’s following. BRB, drooling.

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Whole Fruits and nuts cake with a slice cut out

Fruits and Nut Cake

Boost your customers’ taste buds alongwith their immunity. A healthy, yummy choice for a dessert. Get this Fruits and Nut cake on your menu today!

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Thandai Cupcakes on a tray

Thandai Cupcakes

Thandai literally means ‘cooling’. Thandai in a cupcake is as trendy and cool as it gets! There is no better time to add this to you Summer Menu!

View Thandai Cupcakes Recipe

Red Velvet and Vanilla Marble Cake

Red Velvet and Vanilla Marble Cake

Red Velvet changed the way people looked at desserts. Now watch it swirl its way into your Summer Menu!

View Red Velvet and Vanilla Marble Cake Recipe

Litchi dry cake on a serving platter

Litchi Dry Cake

Litchis will be in season soon. Time to get this juicy, delicious and absolutely stunning litchi dry cake to your list of favourite baked desserts!

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