A whole frosted decorated cake with fondant roses

How To Make Fondant Using Leftover Sponge From Your Cake

This is also a step forward towards sponge wastage management.

Don’t prefer fondant for your cakes? Here are some crafty tips on how to make fondant using leftover sponge from your cake.

What you need:

– Pillsbury™ Vanilla Sponge Mix 150 g

– Neutral Gel 30 g

– Water 10 g

– Colour as required

Mix the sponge, neutral gel, water and colour all together nicely to make a smooth dough. Flatten it out with a rolling pin and then curve it to resemble petals.

Cupcakes with Fondant Rose Petals


  1. It tastes better than Fondant.
  2. Has good strength as well, holds the shape.
  3. Good use of leftover sponge.
  4. Economical.
A person using a small rolling pin to flatten out fondant


  1. Only roses and few characters can be made.
  2. You may not be able to cover the entire cake with it.
  3. It doesn't get as hard and steady as a fondant.

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