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How to waste less while baking

Ingredients are not the only thing that could be wasted during baking. There is also time, energy and money involved.

Here are some of our top tips to waste less for your baking business. Also, don’t miss out on chef tips on what to create with leftovers!

Baking ingredients including flours, eggs and a whisk

Clean as you bake

Few of us tend to clean after we are done with everything. There are two problems with this. One, it is a lot more work. Two, you end up using more kitchen time and electricity and water. For example, your sticky vessels will take a lot more time to be scraped.

This also helps you understand how much material and vessels are being used in the process. And you can improve on this with practice.

An oven in a kitchen

Maintain equipment

You need to keep all your equipment in check and maintain them well. Electronic items need timely check-ups to avoid last-minute mess-ups. Have monthly checks and timely maintenance done with a local technician to keep your gadgets in supreme condition.

Check your plastic equipment to see if they’ve worn out. Discard the old ones and replace them with either wooden, silicon, or steel ware.

A chef writing notes in a notepad

Plan Well

You already know the kind of orders you get. Plan well in advance. Make a list of holidays and plan your ingredients, raw materials accordingly. For example, do not stock on too much pumpkin material if it is only relevant for your bakery during the winter months.

An empty used stand mixer mixing bowl with used tools

Do not Procrastinate

To reduce wastage, it is important to not keep things for tomorrow. Not cleaning the dirty tools today will mean the usage of more water and soap tomorrow. Not keeping your billing in check today can raise confusion tomorrow and so on.

A chef using a kitchen scale to measure flour

Measuring is Key

Keep your measuring tools in check. Clean them regularly. Sterilise them occasionally if need be. Do not add extra ingredients because you feel like it. Make a small batch for experiments and then switch to larger batches to avoid wastage.

One person handing a bowl over to another person

Store or donate regularly

Remember that any extra food means a lot of investment of time and energy. Have the necessary storage containers and freezers or sign up for a donation drive with an orphanage nearby. Do this regularly; they would appreciate this. Also, once a month, simply bake for their happiness!

A chef holding stacked containers of ingredients

Labelling / Packaging

Keep your ingredients labelled to save time looking for them. You may know the exact location or container for it, but a new team member or assistant may not. This again reduces your time spent and hence increases your efficiency. Print your packaging material in advance and store them well. Keep everything in a dark cool place.

While stocking ingredients, keep the new ones at the back. This will help finish ingredients that are closer to expiry dates.

Remember, your time, energy, and money make your baking business a success.

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