Diwali assorted baking treats on tiered trays on a table

Elevate your bakery business and make your patrons.

A festival in India is probably the best time to do something special in order to help your bakery business flourish. The sparkly festival of Diwali is upon us, which means people will be happy and merry, raring to shop for Diwali gifts, baked treats, hampers and much more. This is a great opportunity for you to elevate your bakery business and make your patrons’ buying experience more festive. Let us have a look at some ways in which you can make the most of the Diwali festival and make your bakery prosper.

Lanterns hanging from the ceiling

Redo Your Decor to Match the Occasion

Some of the loveliest things to see during Diwali are the bright lanterns, gently flickering diyas, and intricate rangolis all around us. Why not take this opportunity to revamp your bakery decor to match the Diwali festivities? Add a dash of colour and a beautifully warm ambience to your bakery outlets. Decorate your bakery with festive Diwali lanterns and other suitable decorations. Have a welcoming rangoli made at the entrance so that passersby cannot help but walk in.

Cookies in a decorative cookie box

Give Your Bakery Packaging an Overhaul

Now is the time to do away with the plain and boring cake boxes and bakery packaging. You need to bring out the fancy stuff to attract your customers during Diwali. Get printed and colourful cake boxes that symbolise the festive occasion. Make sure to include a Diwali greeting in your bakery bags. It is sure to put a smile on your customers’ faces. Read our suggestions for packaging here .

A variety of Diwali desserts on a table

Add Diwali Special Items on the Menu

Diwali is as much a festival of flavours as it is a festival of lights. People dutifully exchange choice treats and sweets with their friends, neighbours and loved ones. The occasion is marked with unique and characteristic flavour profiles that use traditional Indian ingredients. Add a Diwali spice to your bakery menu by introducing fusion desserts that include these Indian flavours. Your patrons will flock to your outlets to try out these mouth-watering new treats.

A person giving another person a gift box wrapped with a bow

Strengthen Your Business Relations

As a business owner, you not only deal with your clients and customers but also work with other B2B service providers. It is a great idea to show your appreciation to your raw material suppliers, package vendors, brand managers and clients by sending over a box of Diwali treats. This small act can give you a good reputation in your business circles and you’ll remain in your clients’ minds for any future bakery requirements.

Diwali treats catering on a table

Advertise Yourself For Catering Events

There is an upswing in the number of small corporate or casual gatherings and events during Diwali. Make yourself available to cater speciality baked items for such events as this can have plenty of benefits. You’ll get the business, of course, but the added bonus will be the sheer number of people tasting your bakery items. A lot of them may enquire and visit your shop if they like what they taste. You can also go one up and introduce a new item at such an event to test it out.

There is no better opportunity to boost your bakery business than the Diwali festival. Grab it with both hands and see your customers grab your products.

A person holding a mobile phone with a laptop and a tablet on the desk

Launch Diwali Campaigns

Diwali is an excellent time to bring some marketing magic to your bakery business and launch innovative Diwali campaigns to attract your customers. Engage your potential patrons, and interact with them using the power of social media marketing campaigns revolving around the auspicious occasion of Diwali. This will definitely bring you to the fore among competitors and improve your visibility.

Bakery worker is bringing a cafe drink and pastry to a customer. Customer is holding the plate of pastry and is smiling towards the camera.

Start Combo Offers

Offering combinations of two or more items for discounted prices is also a great idea to elevate your business this Diwali. Pastry lovers are bound to choose combo boxes over single items if they’re attractively priced. Pair up bakery items that go well together to create combos. You can also offer combos of baked goods and coffee or hot chocolate to go with it.

Gift box with a ribbon

Offer Personalised Gift Boxes

Any gift is elevated if the gifter puts in the effort to personalise it for the recipient. Generic gifts may get the job done but as soon as one sees a gift specifically tailor-made for them, their joy can know no bounds. You can really stand apart this Diwali if you offer personalised gifting options in your bakery. You can get the recipient's name or picture printed on the box of goodies, include a personalised Diwali greeting, or even let your customers curate a Diwali box themselves.

Diwali Hamper with assorted baked treats

Sell Attractive Diwali Hampers

An exchange of sweet treats is a common tradition in Diwali celebrations. Your patrons will be looking to choose from a variety of Diwali hampers that they can use for gifting their friends and family. Prepare beautiful and festive Diwali hampers that include your bestsellers all in one box. Ensure your Diwali Hamper contains an assortment of baked goods like cookies, cupcakes, tea cakes, cake jars, pastries etc.