The best way to package your bakery items this Diwali

Beautiful packaging can make your baked items much more presentable.

The Diwali festival means that you have the excellent opportunity to pack some more life into your bakery packaging and decor. Your usual cake and pastry boxes may be suitable for ordinary times but when it’s the festival of lights, you better do away with the regular mundane stuff and bring on something that can light up your customers’ eyes. Beautiful packaging can make your baked items much more presentable and this can really persuade your patrons to buy your Diwali special boxes or hampers as gifts.

Let us take a look at some of the best ways to package your baked goods this Diwali.

Printed box with Diwali twist

Printed Boxes With a Diwali Twist

If you’re selling your cakes in dull and blank white boxes, believe us, you’re putting a lot of good space to waste! Make use of the ample white space a cake box can provide by using printed boxes. Printed cake boxes are nothing but cake boxes that have printed designs. You can customise these designs for the occasion of Diwali. Go for a gold, red or orange hue and choose a design that signifies the Diwali festival. The design may have beautiful pictures of fireworks and diyas.

Diwali greetings

Include a Diwali Greeting

Customers love personal notes and greetings in their products. Why not take the opportunity to send a warm Diwali greeting to your cake and pastry buyers? Get a Diwali greeting printed on attractive cards and put one in each of your cake boxes or bags as they go out. It would be such an excellent surprise for your customers and they’d be glad they made their purchase from you.

Upgrade printed logo

Upgrade Your Printed Logo

The logo on your packaging is your identity. So why not make it special for a limited time during Diwali? There are many advanced printing techniques that can really give your logo a festive touch. Talk to your printer about embossing or foil-printing your logo. These printing techniques can put an elegant metallic finish to your logo that can set it apart.

Transparent windows on cake boxes

Use Transparent Windows on Cake Boxes

Cake and pastry boxes with transparent windows can showcase your stunning creations to anyone looking on the outside. This is a great advertisement for your design skills. Such a package can also attract a lot of camera snaps. If you’re not already using cake boxes with transparent windows, now is the time to really upgrade your packaging with them and make it more charming.

Use festive packaging material

Use Festive Packaging Material

Diwali, or any Indian festival for that matter, is all about warm and bright colours. Think sparkly gold and silver, red, orange, or yellow. Now is not the time to be subtle. Use gold or silver packaging foils, bright red ribbons, confetti and the works to package your gift boxes and hampers. Such attractive and eye-catching packaging is bound to engage potential buyers. Ensure you have plenty of them on display.

This Diwali, add the oomph factor to your bakery packaging by using the above tips and tricks and you can be sure your creations will catch your patrons’ gaze.