Professional Baker

Why Being A Professional Baker Is Good For Your Senses

What we see, hear, smell, feel, and taste dictates our entire life. Our senses have the largest role to play in who we are and what we experience on a day-to-day basis. Let’s look at how baking positively impacts all your senses and hence your life as a baker!

Great Smells

Great Smells
Best Profession Ever!

With great baking, come great smells. Would you ever want to work anywhere else again? Did you know that your sense of smell can have a very positive impact on your life as it is associated with the most joyful and wonderful memories? This happens because of the olfactory system that is located in the brain.

The fact: The olfactory nerve is the first and shortest cranial nerve. It transmits information relating to smell. So now, you know why the smell of a bakery is that therapeutic, right?

So now, we have scientific facts to prove that you truly are in one of the best professions ever! One that's good for all the senses!

Great SIght

Great Sight
What You See Is What You Get

Baking is a profession for the most artistic individuals who make the most beautiful desserts. The biggest joy for a baker is to see the beauty that comes out of that wonderful oven once done! And if that isn’t therapy then what is?

The fact: In your brain, the medial orbitofrontal cortex part just behind the eyes ”light up” when you see something beautiful? Maybe that's the secret of the twinkle in your eyes!

Great Taste

Great Taste
You Can Taste What You Bake!

The happiest part of your body as a baker is your tongue. It has the opportunity to taste all that you bake with so much love! The tongue has so many nerve endings that pop up when they feel happy. No wonder your customers always keep poppin’ by for those yummy desserts!

The fact: Our tongue has about 3,000 and 10,000 taste buds. No wonder, it rules all the other senses!

Great Feeling

Great Feeling
That Feeling Of Giving!

We are what we feel when we give with an open heart! It is like you create magic with your hands and give that magic a physical form of a dessert. So technically, you are a peace giver to the world, eh! That must be why you glow so much!

The fact: Giver's glow as they call it is a term used to describe the feeling of satisfaction one feels when they give wholeheartedly.

Great Things to Hear

Great Things To Hear
Bring In Those Compliments!

What is a baker but an artist worthy of every compliment he/she receives! And when you put your heart and soul into something, what else is more music to your ears than the wonderful compliments that follow?! Keep baking and let the ‘happy hormone’ have a party of its own! Let's never undermine the power of how words of affirmation can transform an individual!

The fact: Listening to good things about oneself shoots up one's dopamine level significantly.