A whole cake with pink frosting

Frosting: Professional Tips and Tricks

Have you ever wondered how to get frosting right? Everything you need to know about frosting is right here. Scroll down to clear all your doubts about it.

Frosting being added to a sponge cake

Frosting tips:

  • You want to ensure the right consistency for the batter for perfect frosting.
  • If it’s too runny, it will probably just mess up the entire dessert.
  • If its too thick it will harden or look bad.
peach coloured frosting in a bowl

How to test right frosting?

Try doing an anti gravity test with the frosting. Hold the bowl upside down and see if it falls off or stays put. If it doesn’t fall off, we definitely have solved the runny issue.

blue frosting in a bowl

Now ensure you run your spoon through it to check if it’s easy enough to manoeuvre. If this works, then the batter’s perfect.

chef adding sugar into a bowl

How to fix frosting?

If it is too runny, try adding some sugar.

chef adding milk to a bowl

If it is too thick, try adding some milk.

sugar and milk in a silver cup and bowl

Ensure that you add few drops at a time to avoid to and fro.

A whole cake with light blue frosting

Ensure that your frosting is thick.

chef adding frosting to a whole cake

Other tips:

Invest in a flat spatula or bench scraper that helps frost better and consistently.

A whole frosted cake

Never EVER frost a warm cake. This will ruin the frosting consistency. If in a hurry, ensure you freeze the cake to bring it to at least room temperature.

If in a hurry, ensure you freeze the cake to bring it to at least room temperature.

Frosting is literally the best part of any cake or dessert. It can make every customer's day better. Ensure that you practise these frosting tips over and over again till you perfect them. Make sure you try and experiment with different flavours too.

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