Pakaging in glass

EASY-PEASY Strategy For Packaging!

Let’s look at how we can make packaging simple for you.

Packaging is very essential for any baking business. We found a simple formula for you to remember. It’s easy-peasy. No, seriously, it is EASY-PEASY!

paper bags

Explore material

It is essential to responsibly pick the material that we choose for our packaging. Let’s try and use as many disposable and recyclable items as possible. Reduce plastic and other similar materials. Try using glass, paper, or earthen material.

paper boxes

Ask around

It is possible that you do not know the locality and what is available and being used in the neighborhood. When you set up a new bakery, make sure you ask around and strike deals with vendors who have a good reputation.

budget friendly packaging

Set aside a budget

Once you have many deals on the table, calculate the amount of money you’d have to spend per order. See how you can have brown paper bags for lighter goods like brownies and stronger bags for heavy items like cakes etc. Check if there are packages that have handles on them which will help eliminate the need for a different bag.

cupcake in boxes

Yep! You’re all set

Now, that we’re all set up, let's look at some interesting and easy ways to use your packaging to your business’ advantage.

Explore material


Try and see if you can add a personal touch by adding a cute handwritten message to the order. You could also add black chalk stickers and write with chalk to make it more appealing. You can use stickers with names of pastries or again, handwrite them. You can add this to any box, jar, or packaging. Try to add a simple branding design to this card and make it look special enough for the customer you want to retain and keep it with them.

mouse in jar

Encourage feedback

Once the order has reached, make sure you check with the customers how they liked the packaging and of course the dessert. Make sure there were no spills and all desserts reached them fine.

cupcake holders

Attract Customers

What you see is what you get! Make those reels with your beautiful and simple packaging for customers to view. It's all about the looks when it comes to packaging. Minimal is great, the personalized touch you add is what will matter the most to the customer.

biscuit/cookie storage

Store well

Make sure your containers are stored in a dry and dark place. Ensure that this cabinet is moisture-free. Keep them stored in large boxes perfectly aligned. In the case of containers and jars, make sure they are cleaned and dried before you store them. You could also choose to display some of your packagings for in-store customers to have a look at.

box packaging

Yield results

If done right, you are sure to get results. Sit back and enjoy! You’re not just a bakery business but the whole package!!