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Baking Trends in 2022

Quality and taste are two things that people never want to compromise, when it comes to food choices.

Even when it comes to baked foods, desserts, and confections people make choices based on these two factors. When it comes to cakes, bakers are constantly innovating new flavours or new presentation style. Based on the current consumer needs, here are the few baking trends that are likely to govern 2022.

Moving Towards Plant Based Ingredients

The shift towards plant-based ingredients

Plant-based ingredients or products has taken market by the storm. Every passing year, we witness an increase in the number of people who are opting for plant-based nutrition. According to the latest research, there’s a substantial increase in the demand for sustainable products, leading to the rise of plant-based food market by 2030. The Food and Beverage market has broadened its prospects for serving consumers with plant-based options. It is also seen that people are trusting plant-based products for consumption hence confectioneries, are now opting for plant-based ingredients, to create dishes that appeal to the audiences.

Moving Towards Celebratory Mode

Celebratory mode

People are more focussed towards celebrating moments or rather preserving moments as monuments. Consumers are preferring confetti, sparkles, seasonal flavours and are more open to new flavours or themes when it comes to cakes or sweets. They are also seeking baked goods that offer them unique textures or base flavours, like sourdough, croissants, pancakes or tsunami cakes. Innovation in presenting your confection or baked good is gaining primary importance.

The Feel good Factor

The Feel-Good factor

One may or may not have a good day but a piece of cake helps you sail through it. Consuming desserts to beat a stressful day is a routine for many. The dessert industry is more focussed on delivering new experiences that make consumers feel good. People are indulging in flavours that make them feel nostalgic, and offers them comfort. A classic chocolate cake will never go out of trend because it holds an emotional connect. Therefore, the confectioners are constantly striving to enhance the classic flavours using the seasonal fruits or spices.

Clean Colours

Clean Colours

Eating or consuming food is a multi-sensory experience. Before we take a bite, we consume food through our eyes. In today’s time, presentation is equally important as preparation. Currently, the world has become more health-conscious, and when it comes to preserving health the word organic and natural has gained more significance over years. In the baking industry, the solution for organic colour additives is derived from nature. Following the clean label trend, the bakeries are now adopting the trend, which indicate the use of natural colour and flavour in the preparation of baked food. Natural food products offer numerous health benefits to consumers, causing a shift from the use of synthetic products to clean label products.

Bringing the Spicy Twist

Bringing the spicy twist

Last but not the least, the focus will be on delivering exciting flavours. 2021 was about comfort and indulgence but 2022 is going to be slightly different with spice. Flavours like Mango Habanero, Chili Raspberry, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Cardamom, Allspice will bring a new twist to pies, cookies, pastries, etc. Not just spicy, fusion flavours have their niche intact without losing their charm. Bakers are deriving inspirations from their respective ethnic flavours for innovating dishes.

Entremets is the new Birthday Cake

Entremets is the new Birthday cake

This French dessert seems to be the bake of the moment. Entremets is a classic French dessert that is steadily carving its niche in the birthday cake market. This dessert has garnered hearts for its complex and diverse layers, consisting of spongy, creamy, bubbly, crunchy or wobbly textures with flavours that go well together. Many budding bakers are moving towards making their mark in the industry with innovative Entremets.

Hope all the bakers out there make 2022 sweeter with trends, ranging from blending spices to enhancing flavours, that will help you to captivate your consumers!