A golden Croissant in an oven and a Thermometer

7 reasons to get an oven thermometer today

Let’s look at why an oven thermometer is so important in the field of baking and hence a good investment.

Why invest in an oven thermometer? Yes, it sounds fancy but is a must-have if you are looking to take up baking as a profession.

A thermometer inside an oven

1. Balance out hotspots

Firstly, what is a hotspot? It literally means a spot that stays hot. But in an oven, this could be a disastrous thing as hotter means more baking which means uneven or burnt baking. To make sure there’s a uniform temperature inside your oven, you need an oven thermometer.

Thermometer on an oven

2. Has a long life

An oven thermometer almost never expires. It doesn’t even need batteries. You just need to make sure its calibrated before use. Make sure you store in a cool and dry place and clean it after every use.

A person wearing oven mitts taking a loaf cake out of the oven

3. Helps with authenticity

Baking is best not left to assumptions. As we all know, it is a science, and even a few degrees here and there could mean burnt, extra crumbly, or sticky baked goods. No one wants that.

Thermometer with a baked good in the background

4. To prevent under-baking and over-baking

Both of which are anti-good baking! If you do not want to end up with an under-baked bread or an overbaked cupcake, just get the oven thermometer immediately!

A person's hand turning an oven's dial

5. Oven’s display accuracy could go down

Ovens are expensive and machines tend to get less effective with time. But, in case of a display failure of the correct temperature, it is always good to have an oven thermometer as a backup to check the efficacy of ovens, new and old.

Pie in the oven with a thermometer in the oven

6. Reheating gets easier

Reheating isn’t baking. It is possible that you underheat or burn items if you are not sure of how much temperature to set them at. Hence, an oven thermometer is always handy.

Cupcakes in the oven with a thermometer in the oven

7. Maintains the temperature

While opening the microwave door, the temperature could become unstable. But with an oven thermometer, you could fix the minor changes and perfect your baking as usual!