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5-ingredient recipe for your bakery’s social media!

Social media is an inherent part of marketing strategy for businesses – big or small.

In today’s digital era, no social media for your business, means low or no customer reach. Successful social media marketing is similar to the process of baking. A brand leveraging social media needs to understand the fundamentals, add the right ingredients, follow the recipe and add a dollop or loads of creativity. With the right effective social media strategy, bakers can grow their bakery business and create a positive reputation among their customers. So how does a bakery business market itself on social media?

Social media platforms

1. Choose the Right Premix of Social Network

As a bakery business, it is essential to choose the right social network that helps you share appealing images and engage the right target audience. Instagram and Pinterest are both image driven platforms that allows you to collaborate with influencers, run giveaway contests, engage with your online community, and generate business. Similarly, Facebook helps you build a brand identity by sharing information, tips, discounts, and special promotions through your Facebook Business Page. Simultaneously, you must also list your business on Google My Business to help improve your store’s Googler Search Ranking.

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2. Layer up your Profiles for Effective Business Growth

Ensure creating a comprehensive profile with accurate information, location, business hours and contact details. Include links to your products and services, especially if you have a website. This not only ensures authenticity of your bakery business but also builds trust in the brand. Several social media platforms offer unique features. For instance, Facebook allows you to add a “Shop Now” button, upload your menu and feature recommendations and reviews. Similarly, Google allows business owners to mark their business on Google maps, post photos of your business and feature customer reviews.

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3. Fresh Baked Items = Fresh Content

Just as baking needs meticulous planning, it is advisable to plan your content in advance too. Content is an online language that allows you to effectively communicate with your customers. Imagine customers landing on your social media pages to find no content to interact with. It is almost as if the brand has no voice. Your online community will prefer fresh content just as they prefer fresh bakery products. Planning monthly content will allow your brand to stay on top of the news feed and maintain a higher engagement with your online community.

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4. Great Visuals Attract more Eyeballs…

…And generate more sales. Have you recently created a delicious cupcake? Click a photo and post it on your social media channels along with a link to order now. Consistently posting photos of your new creations will remind your customers to order that delicacy from your bakery. Always ensure that the quality of your photos and videos reflects that of your products.

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5. Listen to your online Community

Social Media is a two-way traffic where brands and customers will often cross path. Your customers will always have valuable feedback to help improve your products. Do your customers like the latest cake you made? Are they looking for a specific flavour? What are they saying about your brand and its products? A business can learn a lot by simply listening and engaging with its community. Apply the valuable insight wherever needed and watch your business evolve.

Social media marketing is a great way to capture audience interest, connect with customers and build online community. This will only ensure that your business reaches more customers and help generate more leads.

So let’s bake most of these marketing tips, shall we?