A golden trophy that has "You are a winner" ribbon


Here are our winners of the #BakerFriendForever 2020 contest.

Meet Our Winners

Baker Mariam Memon with a photo inset of cookies and the BakerFriendForever 2020 logo sticker

Mariam Memon

It all started when my parents suggested that I attend a baking workshop for beginners that would keep me busy during my summer vacation. I had a lot of free time and hence could bake many cakes. I used my creativity to make every cake a little different from the earlier one.

Whoever had those cakes really appreciated my efforts which motivated me to bake more and more. This eventually led to taking orders. For the last 2 years, I have been running a successful bakery business from home.

Baker Mayuri Chheda with photo inset of decorated whole cake and BakerFriendForever 2020 logo sticker

Mayuri Chheda

For me, baking started off as a hobby and soon, culminated into a passion. Every cake or cookie I bake is an expression of myself. The most beautiful thing about baking is that no matter how specific or complex or simple a recipe is, it always provides me with a blank canvas that allows me to express myself.

Meet Our Chefs

Chef Naheed Peerzada

Chef Naheed, our star bakery chef with about 3 decades of experience, holds a Guinness World Record for the largest mud pie cake weighing 1345 kg. Need we say more?

Chef Ashian Topno

Chef Ashian is well-known for his excellence in Italian cuisine. He has not only collaborated with some of the best celebrity chefs, hotels and restaurants across India as a chef but is also consulted for setting up eateries.